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We are a software consulting, development and integration firm specializing in providing certified technology professionals to Fortune 1000 companies in the financial services, insurance, advertising, medical, transportation, software development, manufacturing, and consumer products industries since 1994. In addition to consulting services, we provide innovative IT solutions designed and developed with in-depth technical knowledge and practical business experience. Why us? I S Solutions is unique in that that our management and recruiting staff are technical - we understand both the client's and the developer's needs. This provides us with an added degree of screening and guarantees you access to superior talent.

How we can help you: Finding highly skilled employees can be time consuming and costly. And trying to find a new job can be a frustrating experience. Find out how we can help you with your hiring and job search needs.

For employers we provide;

    • Cost-effective temporary staffing: Leverage our temporary professionals during peak workload periods, which reduces overhead costs and increases efficiency,
    • Fast hiring: We have highly skilled, pre-evaluated job candidates ready to begin working right away,
    • Flexible staffing solutions: Whether you need one person or an entire team, we have professionals with a wide array of expertise, and
    • Customer-first approach: We are dedicated to providing superior customer service every step of the way. That’s why 9 out of 10 clients tell us they’d recommend us to their colleagues.

For job seeker we offer;

    • No fees: We never charge fees to represent you as a job candidate, and
    • Interview Prep: A recruiter will be in touch with you to keep you posted and guide you in preparing for the interview.



Information Technology (IT) has remained at the forefront of opportunities for innovation and their application in improving the quality of our lives. As companies reach out to the global marketplace, and technology rapidly blurs territorial boundaries, business heads must now consider very aggressive 'time to market' conditions for products and services.

The global IT industry has grown by obsolescing its own products, thereby paving the way for cutting-edge solutions. This process has not only created opportunities for more entrepreneurs in the IT consulting space, but also has provided a variety of job opportunities.

IS Solutions incorporated in IL, USA, is a millennium company which set out to create a niche for itself. Steered by a management team of experienced business and technology experts, with collective experience of over 50 years, IS Solutions brings to bear, a blend of maturity coupled with great flexibility and adaptability. By virtue of consulting experience, training and business management for over two decades, IS Solutions is well-positioned to offer its clients significant value propositions.

IS Solutions is a great resource if you need to add talented people, be it consulting or staff augmentation. To address your needs, IS Solutions maintains a deep resource pool of "just in time technologies" and "emerging technologies" skills people. IS Solutions offers effective programmers to meet client needs.



The success of an IT initiative depends on the strength of an organization's resources. Strategic sourcing provides seasoned experts to supplement a client's IT team. Using this approach, a Premier Client Partnership Program can be designed and tailored to achieve the client's strategic IT goals.

Strategic Sourcing Benefits:

Strategic sourcing is more than just price - it's about service. Participation in IS Solutions's Premier Client Partnership Program will provide you with competitive market rates for projects and staff augmentation with associated services that match your organization's needs.


    • Dedicated client account team
    • Market-competitive rates for staffing needs
    • Volume discounts at committed-spend levels
    • Right to hire and full-time hire arrangements
    • Mentoring/training of consultants to fit your environment
    • Quick resolution of issues to minimize impact and involvement of client staff



Together our depth of expertise, decades of experience, and powerful industry partnerships are benefitting our clients and providing great opportunities for our team members.

Working with Us

Committed to our teammates, our communities, and our clients

Hunger, Heart, and Harmony… these are the core values that drive us. We continually strive to create new opportunities that not only have a positive impact on our clients, but also on our partners, our teammates, and our business. We encourage a collaborative approach and welcome unique perspectives as we work together to create the best solutions for our clients.

Meeting client challenges and advancing careers

We encourage – and push – one another to be smart and bold, agile and empowered, confident and trustworthy as we pursue the optimal solution for every client and develop skill sets unmatched in the industry. Are you ready for a career that is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure? Where your expanding abilities and your increasing autonomy go hand-in-hand? Where every successful decision you make or action you take has a positive impact on your teammates, your company, and our clients? If so, we’re eager to talk with you.

If you’re looking for top IT talent in following disciplines, contact us today to discuss our service offerings!

Healthcare IT & QA, Microsoft Technologies, Data/Database Management, System and Application Integration, Networking Infrastructure, CRM, Application Development/Web Services, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Security Professionals, EDI Consulting, EDI Mapping, EAI Consulting, Microsoft BizTalk, SI/ GIS Consulting, GXS, Project Management, MOBILE OS etc.





Lombard, Illinois